Do you have stacks of old photos and slides sitting around gathering dust?


How about a lot of unedited video footage of the kids or grandkids stored away in the closet somewhere, and you havenít viewed them for years?


Old 8mm or 16mm movies?

Concerned about the deteriorating condition of your slides, video and movies, because you really would like to preserve these precious memories for generations to come?




Well, The Wright Image can help!  We specialize in the ORGANIZATION, DIGITIZATION, RESTORATION, ENHANCEMENT and PRESERVATION of all your photos, slides, movies and videos.


But that’s not all – we go one step further and save your images and video onto DVDs or digital media, so that you can easily view your memories via professional slide shows and videos on your TV, computer or device.  And perhaps best of all, you can send copies to friends and family to enjoy.  We can even package the DVDs with your favorite images on the covers and the DVD label.


A sampling of our services and prices can be found below on the left.  




Sample Pricing

Scanning Services:

     $0.70 per image

Here's some things we can do for your old photos and videos:

Image Correction

Your old slides and photos are deteriorating, even if you are storing them in a dark, dry place.  Take a look at the sample images below, and note how The Wright Image can restore and enhance them, to bring them back to life (click on icons to enlarge images).

Photo Slide Show on DVD: 

    $0.35 per image - over 300 images

Color Restoration

8mm & 16mm movie transfer to video:

     $0.20 per foot - over 2,500'

 VHS or Beta Tape to DVD:

     $50.00 per hour of video


Camcorder tape transfer to DVD:

     $50.00 per hour of video

Scratches & Mold

Additional copies of burned DVD's:

     $15.00 per copy



Slide Shows and Videos

     The Wright Image can build a slide show from your photos, complete with titles, professional transitions and background music (if you wish), and place them on DVD's or digital media for you.

     We can also build a video from your camcorder videos, or even your old 8mm or 16mm home movies.  We can also incorporate both home video and still images, blended to yield a professional multi-media DVD you can treasure for a lifetime.

     Below are two short samples: 

"Our Ireland Trip" Slide Show"Fun At the Pool" Video


            Whatever your photo and video needs, The Wright Image stands ready to help you preserve those memories.  You can contact us at: 

The Wright Image
Phone/Text:  301-706-6565


Lead Photos:                                         Andre Studios, Columbia, MD;  The Wright Image
Comparison Photos:                            The Wright Image
“Our Ireland Trip” Slide Show:        Photos:     P. & A. Silvain 
                                                                 Music:      Gary Lamb Music
“Fun At The Pool” Video:                  Video:      The Wright Image 
                                                                 Music:     Music Bakery Publishing (BMI)



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